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  • Prof. Gibson Kibiki

    Prof. Gibson Kibiki

    Executive Secretary, EAHRC

    Prof. Gibson Kibiki is the current Executive Secretary of the East African Health Research Commission (EAHRC), having being appointed by the 31st EAC Council of Ministers on 1st May 2015.

    Prof. Kibiki provides leadership and guidance in the realisation and implementation of the vision, mission, goals, and operational objectives of the EAHRC. He is responsible for the overall general day-to-day operations and various projects and programmes of the Commission.

    Gibson Kibiki, a Professor of Medicine and a Consultant Physician (with super-specialty in Interventional GIT and RS Endoscopy) believes in the fundamental role of health research in optimising health services. Prior to joining the EAHRC, in addition to clinical and academic work, he was actively involved in the establishment of various regional and international research and research capacity building programmes, including the Pan-African Consortium for the Evaluation of Antituberculosis Antibiotics (PanACEA); the Malaria Capacity Development Consortium (MCDC); the African Poverty Related Infection Oriented Research Initiative (APRIORI); the East African Consortium for Clinical Research (EACCR); the Molecular Biomarkers for MAMS trials (PANBIOME); the Tanzania, Zambia, and Botswana Network for Capacity Building in HIV Prevention (TanZamBo); and the Esophageal Squamous Cell Cancer African Prevention Effort (ESCCAPE).

    Prof. Kibiki has been instrumental in the establishment of various research-oriented Master of Science (MSc) programmes as well as an avid promoter of PhD programmes in Tanzania. To date he has supervised, and mentored more than 70 MSc Students, Medical Residents, PhD Students and Fellows. He currently supervises PhD students at the Radboud University of The Netherlands and the Tumaini University of Tanzania.

    He served as an adjunct Professor at the University of Virginia, USA, and a visiting Lecturer for the Diploma in Tropical Medicine & Hygiene (DTM&H) course at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK.

    Prof. Kibiki has been a member of various expert committees such as the Expert Advisory Panel (EAP) of the European COMPARE Consortium; Data Safety Monitoring Boards (DSMB); as well as Clinical Trials Technical Committees.

    For two decades he worked with the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre (KCMC), and the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical University College (KCMUCo), Tumaini University; where he established the Kilimanjaro Clinical Research Institute (KCRI). KCRI of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Tanzania is an internationally renowned academic-research facility for evidence-based health interventions.

    Prof. Gibson Kibiki is married with two children.

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