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EAC Road Transport sub-sector Projects

1. Arusha - Namanga - Athi River Road Project (between Kenya and Tanzania)

The objective of this 240 km long road project was to construct a highway to boost regional trade and tourism, and reduce transportation costs.

The rehabilitated Arusha - Namanga - Athi River Road was launched by the EAC Heads of State at Athi River Town in Kenya on 28 November 2012. The ongoing construction of a One-Stop Border Post at Namanga will help the region to realise the full benefits of the reconstructed road; that is, to reduce transit times at the borders and lower costs of vehicle operations. With the completion of the road project, the highway now has a uniform width of 7.0m and 2.0m wide shoulders, thus providing a safe driving environment and reducing travel time between Nairobi and Arusha from 5 hours to 3 hours.


2. Arusha - Holili - Taveta - Voi Road Project (between Kenya and Tanzania)

The detailed Engineering, Environmental and Social Impacts Analysis studies for the Arusha - Voi road were completed in December 2012 and the project has commenced. Similarly, construction of a One-Stop Border Post at Holili/Taveta is complete.


3. The Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design of the Malindi - Lunga Lunga and Tanga - Bagamoyo Road (between Kenya and Tanzania)

This is another sub-component of the Development Project with the objective of determining the viability of rehabilitating the 240km long Malindi - Lunga Lunga Road and upgrading to bitumen standard the 172km long Tanga - Bagamoyo road. The road runs along the East African coastline, which has a rich tourism and agricultural (horticultural) potential.

EAC is the Implementing Agency assisted by the Roads Authorities in Kenya and Tanzania.


4. Study on the Civil Engineering Contracting Capacity in East Africa

The objective of the study is to assess the current capacity of local contractors to undertake major development projects and determine the gaps that exist. The study will then make recommendations on steps that need to be taken to bridge the gaps with a view to having a greater involvement of local contractors in these projects.


5. Audit Consulting Services for the Arusha - Namanga - Athi River Road Project

Audit of the Development Project was carried out by an external consulting firm and involved financial, technical and management audits. Apart from auditing the Special Account maintained by EAC, the consultants audited the systems within EAC and proposed improvements that would enhance efficiency in future project management.


6. Study on the East African Transport Strategy and Regional Road Sector Development Programme

Under the East African Trade and Transport Facilitation Project (EATTFP), EAC received a grant from the African Development Bank for the regional components of the project under Customs, Trade and Infrastructure. The objective of the EAC Transport Strategy is to identify regional strategic priorities and resources for transport sector development and operational needs for the medium term in line with EAC development goals. The strategy will be the EAC key planning document guiding the regional policies and investments in the transport sector and roads sub-sector in particular for 2008-2018.


7. Study on the East African Transport Facilitation Project

This is also a sub-component of the EATTFP. The objective of the study is to implement the provisions of the Tripartite Agreement on Road Transport, in particular to propose a framework for the harmonisation of standards, policies and regulations in the road transport sub-sector.


8. The East African Road Network Project (EARNP)

The project objective is to improve the efficiency of the regional road corridors by rehabilitating and upgrading gravel roads to bitumen standard. There are about 94 road links over five transit corridors that are under various stages of development. EAC plays a co-ordination role in monitoring and evaluating the progress of implementation of sub-projects.

The Task Force on the EARNP has been meeting regularly to update the project parameters and present status of implementation of national and multinational projects. Projects for Rwanda and Burundi were officially included into the EARNP in May 2008 by the Council of Ministers.

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